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Come and see the universe through the eyes of our students.

Students explore, create, and perform in Drama, Music and Visual Arts. The Arts are expanding at AIS. On entering the school, you will notice engaging, creative visual art works by students' displayed in offices, hallways, display cases, bulletin boards and our new Visual Arts Gallery.

All students participate in developing musical, theatrical and artistic skills: reading, writing, listening, creating and performing. In music classes students write compositions and perform various instruments in ensembles, musical theatre, bands and choirs.

In Theatre, students write drama scripts, interpret literature, use skills learned to convey character and conflict, connecting to the drama of everyday life. Students are involved with performance and production learning about the technical aspects of Theatre. In Visual Art studios students connect with the masters, the world and themselves' developing skills to express their concepts through the language of visual art.

Arts staff are strong educators and leaders, involved in the Arts communities here in Kuwait and beyond. We currently offer DP programs in all areas of the Arts. The Arts at AIS go around the world, exploring, interpreting, connecting and creating.

We have established new traditions in the performing arts, with Musical Theatre performances of; "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown!" this year, "Oliver!" in 2008 "The Wizard of Oz" in 2007, and our first Elementary Musical "The First Kids in Space", in the Fall of 2008. Visual Arts students have displayed their work in local galleries, including Bayt Lothan. Come and see what students are presenting in our musical concerts, theatre performances and visual art displays. Keep your eye on us!