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Teacher to Profession

The teacher shall maintain the dignity and integrity of the profession.

The teacher shall honor learning by addressing (attacking, ameliorating) ignorance, superstition, bigotry and intolerance in all its forms including racism and sexism.

The teacher shall maintain his/her efficacy by study, by travel, or by other means which will keep her/him abreast of the trends in education.

The teacher shall safeguard information acquired about members of the school community in the course of employment, unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose.

The teacher will seek fair remuneration for services rendered and act in such a way as to maintain the economic security of the profession.

Teacher to Teacher

The teacher shall use the established protocol for professional communication in dealing with colleagues: teacher to teacher, teacher to immediate supervisor (principal), teacher to superintendent, teacher to director.

The teacher shall make reasonable effort to communicate with and understand a staff that comes from diverse cultures.

The teacher shall not sexually harass another teacher and shall endeavor to become and stay informed of issues pertaining to gender in the learning environment. [Sexual harassment shall mean any unsolicited and unwanted sexual comments, suggestions or physical contacts directed to a specific teacher which that teacher finds objectionable or offensive and which causes the teacher discomfort on the job.] The accused teacher must be made aware that the behavior or the attention is unwelcome prior to action being taken.

The teacher shall not libel, slander or defame in any way another teacher and shall refrain from commentary on another teacher's professional performance or private life. In a situation where the teacher feels that the professional conduct of a colleague is injurious to the profession, the teacher is bound to discuss the matter in confidence through the regular protocol for professional communication.

The teacher shall endeavor to contribute to a collegial and collaborative working environment with his/her peers.

Teacher to Employer

The American International School (AIS), The teacher shall adhere to the conditions of the employment contract until the contract is completed, has been terminated by mutual consent, or is otherwise legally terminated.

The teacher shall render professional service to the employer to the best of her/his ability.

The teacher shall be diligent and consistent in upholding and implementing the policies of the Board of AIS.

The teacher, as the professional educator, shall be aware of the need for continual school improvement and assist the employer in the school improvement process.

The teacher shall comply with the provisions in the American International School Teachers' Manual that deal with personal conduct.

The teacher shall support and reflect the school's mission statement and beliefs as created by the members of the AIS community.

Teacher to Student

The teacher shall encourage each student to reach the highest level of individual development.

The teacher shall judge students on the basis of their own behavior and will not judge or comment upon individual students on the basis of group behavior.

The teacher shall endeavor to protect the health, safety and emotional well being of students.

The teacher shall treat all information concerning students with professional confidentiality and will only communicate information regarding a student to colleagues on a "need to know" basis.

The teacher shall respect the rights of all students while being sensitive to cultural diversity.

The teacher shall serve the needs of students by designing the most appropriate learning experiences for them within the specified curriculum.

The teacher shall not use her/his professional relationship with students for personal advantage nor shall she/he abuse her/his position of trust and authority.

Teacher to Parent

The teacher shall make reasonable efforts to communicate with parents any information which should be revealed in the interest of the student.

The teacher shall endeavor to understand and respect the varied cultures and diverse backgrounds from which parents engage the school.

The teacher shall assure parents that concerns or complaints regarding the classroom can be made without in any way compromising the teaching or evaluation of the student.

The teacher shall keep the trust under which confidential information is exchanged.

The teacher shall value and encourage communication and input from parents.