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Dear Middle School Community,

Welcome back for another exciting year in the AIS Middle School !

We have many new staff members, facility developments, and welcome challenges that lie before us.

We sincerely welcome all of our new families and staff members to the AIS Community – let’s all make sure to embrace their contributions and presence in the AIS family.

We continue to use and emphasize the procedures of safe drop off, entry and exit at the school. We will carry on with the same procedures that we had in place last year. It is important that MS students come to school every day with their ID cards to ensure quick and safe entry to the school. The main drop off gate for our MS students remains the gate on Hamood Al Naser Street by the canteen. Obviously safety is our number one aim before learning can start, and we feel that we have made some significant and positive changes in this regard.

We’ve added a new public address system and bells across the school this year – this system will enable to put even safer routines in place for any emergency situations and of course for ongoing announcements and communications during the day.

We did exceptionally well overall as an MYP school last year, the IB authorization group that visited us left us with some recommendations for growth, and many commendations on how well we are doing. We look forward to continuing our plans for growth and improvement based on this input. We are very proud of our school and efforts in this regard.

So I welcome you again - another year of growth and success overall for our fine institution and of course for each and every individual in our school. Parents, please – get involved in your child’s education here at the school and be a regular face that we see at the school. Parental involvement is also a key contributor to our student’s success.

On behalf of the entire Middle School Staff, we welcome all our new and returning families and look forward to the exceptional year that lies ahead

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Carl Love
Middle School Principal

Mario Tenisci
Middle School Assistant Principal