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The Middle School counselor supports students in grades 6 through 8. Counseling services work in partnership with students, teachers, administration, and parents to help your child to have a successful and positive school experience. Some of these services include personal and academic counseling sessions, small group activities, social and academic skills intervention, running the advisory program, and facilitating parent conferences.

Early adolescence is a time of tremendous physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth during which time young people are continually faced with various challenges. The Middle School counselor strives to ensure that the middle school years are positive and supported ones as this is a time to focus on preparing students for their increased independence of life.

The Middle School Counselor has an open-door policy for all students, and they are encouraged to talk with the counselor about any issue that may seem troubling to them. Whatever the concern, the counselor is someone who will listen and help your child feel safe and confident with their Middle School experience.

Mark: counselor.me&eu@ais-kuwait.org

Randa: counselor.america@ais-kuwait.org