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Our grades 6-8 middle school structure meets the requirements set by the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) and is founded on best practices determined by the National Middle School Association in the United States. Our students attend six classes a day evenly divided by a 25 minute lunch period. In addition, there is a five minute passing time between each class. The Middle School runs an eight day cycle, in which the days are numbered 1- 8. Classes are sixty minutes in duration on average. Each day after lunch, the fourth period is extended by ten minutes in order to allow for DEAR (Drop Everything And Read). All Middle School students and teachers read every day in order to foster a culture of literacy and a love a reading.

We believe strongly in our pastoral care Advisory program which meets for 30 minutes twice per week. As the National Middle School Association states "the primary goal of an advisory program is to enhance a climate of caring and community between teacher and students and in the school generally." Our advisory time is used to develop relationships within the group and between each student and their advisory teacher. This is also a time when announcements are read, community and service projects are reviewed, and a discussion takes place focused upon our quote of the day. The daily quotes are part of a program called Project Wisdom which provides thought-provoking quotes to spur conversations revolving around our IB Leaner Profile characteristics.

All Middle School students are members of a House. The House program is student-run by elected Student Leadership Council members from each Advisory. The Middle School has four Houses; the Jaguars, the Cheetahs, the Tigers, and the Leopards. There are eight advisory groups in each grade level and two belong to each house. The House system encourages all students to participate in organized sports activities, Accelerated Reader, quiz competitions and other organized activities. The students earn House points for their involvement in activities. The students can purchase House shirts and wear these for special events and for Sports Day. There are regular Spirit Assemblies to celebrate the success of each House.

"PAW"sitiviy! We further promote the IB Learner Profile attributes through our "PAWs" program. Each year, three IB Profile attributes are selected and students can earn a "PAW" by demonstrating one of those attributes. PAWs supports the development of a positive school climate and a student's growth as an IB Learner. Points for the student's House are also earned with the receipt of a "PAW."

To ensure that curricular and pastoral care requirements are met, all teachers are members of grade level or specialist teams which meet once per 8-day cycle. There, teachers discuss and plan Advisory sessions, MYP interdisciplinary units, interventions for students, and upcoming middle school events. In place is also a Middle School Planning Team (PT) which is comprised of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Counselor, and MYP Coordinator who review current events and ensure whole-school initiatives and the MYP Programme are supported continually.