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All high school students (grades 9 to 12) begin their day at 7:40 am by going to a ten minute homeroom. This is an opportunity for the transmission of daily information but more importantly it provides the opportunity for students to receive individual attention within a group that is usually not larger than ten students.

All students must take a full load (eight classes) with the exception of full Diploma students and seniors; they are permitted to take one supervised study period. There are six one hour classes in a regular school day with 30 minutes for lunch. This translates into students having each class 3 times every 4 school days.

Class sizes are relatively small: the overall student-teacher ratio is about 8:1, most class sizes are in the range of 12 - 18 and normally do not exceed 22.

Outside the classroom there is an extensive extra-curricular program which encompasses a range of sports, artistic pursuits, and social-service activities.

For a more detailed look at the structure, rules and regulations, and academic requirements please refer to the High School Student Handbook (download).