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Energetic, eclectic, efficient, eccentric and entertaining: these words describe the 164 individuals who teach at the American International School of Kuwait. We are as varied as the places from whence we hail. The staff includes people of every age: singles, couples, and families with children. Most are North American, but there is a sprinkling from other nations including Australia, Brazil, England, France, Georgia, New Zealand, Nigeria and South Africa, That group, the internationally hired component of the staff, numbers approximately 130 teachers. The nationally hired teaching staff is comprised of approximately thirty teachers who speak Arabic as a first language. They too are diverse. They come to Kuwait from every corner of the Middle East and North Africa: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunis, Turkey, Jordan, and Palestine.

Diversity begets dynamism. This is a fun group of people to be with regardless of your interests. The athletic, the poetic, the academic, and the artistic all find a community within the larger group and as a result the social scene is very busy. International teachers are generally an adventuresome lot with a great joie de vivre. Those who come to explore the Mysterious East have this attribute, as we say, in spades. We are explorers. The solitary hiker, the group of single women, a multi-family package tour, young couples on their honeymoon: if there is a unifying attribute to our staff it is that we are inveterate travelers. This past winter break, for example, teachers traveled to Cambodia, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Oman, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, and Turkey.

The staff has great academic talent. Its demographic profile bulges at each end. There is a large contingent of those in the salad days of their careers and an offsetting group long in the tooth, but wise for all of its well earned grey.

This is a nice balance of energy and wisdom. Veteran practitioners lend their measured advice to young enthusiasts and the result is a very dynamic teaching environment. Together this talented staff has, over a five year period, transformed this school from a traditional American school to an International Baccalaureate World School offering all three IB Programmes. We work hard, we play hard, and we have a lot of fun!