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The Elementary School curriculum is designed to produce students with:
  • The concepts and skills necessary for educational success
  • Knowledge appropriate to the level of their educational development
  • Healthy self-respect, a sense of tolerance and an appreciation of others

Our students become inquirers, communicators, and thinkers who are principled, open-minded and reflective.

To achieve these goals teachers select the best practice, supported by the best research, from a range of systems to create a curriculum that is relevant, challenging and engaging. This happens within a structure provided by the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). The Primary Years Programme effectively prepares Elementary students for the IB Middle Years (Grades 6-10) and the IB Diploma (Grades 11-12) Programmes.

PYP learning is inquiry-based. Research activities - individual and group - are a notable feature of the PYP classroom, and help students from an early age to become independent and confident thinkers and learners.

All subjects are principally taught within units of inquiry; but English, Mathematics, Information Technology, Music, Art, Arabic, Arabic as a foreign language and Physical Education may in addition be offered as distinct subjects. This arrangement allows flexibility and spontaneity as well as depth and structure, and pays full attention to the development of important subject-related skills.