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Individuals & Societies in the MYP


Humanities in the MYP is designed to encourage the development of students by using an integrated approach to the study of history, geography, economics and civics. Individuals and societies is about making connections to relevant issues within society. Emphasis is placed on the study of primary and secondary sources and the development of skills such as investigation, self-management and critical thinking which assist in achieving academic success. Students will be able to study historic, geographic, economic and civic developments in the context of social implications. This will help students to recognize that, while natural forces shape the earth, humans are important agents of change and can shape their environments as well as be shaped by them, and that the actions taken by one society can affect others throughout the world. MYP Individuals and societies also encourages students to develop an inquiring mind, the skills necessary for the effective study of society. Students will develop an international outlook, along with a sense of responsibility toward community and environment, and to feel a sense of belonging to a “global village.”