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Physical & Health Education in the PYP

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Learning is built upon from year to year in the following units: 

  • Individual pursuits:The development of basic skills and the body’s capacity for movement through games and experiences; the techniques, rules and purpose of a range of athletic activities (Gymnastics, Tennis, Badminton etc.); recognizing a high level of achievement and how to improve a performance.
  • Movement composition:Recognizing that movements can be linked together and refined to create a sequence of aesthetic movements. Movements can be in response to stimuli or performance elements and/or criteria and can communicate feelings, emotions and ideas (For example, gymnastics,
  • Games:Recognizing the challenges presented by games; the importance of manipulating space; the categorizing of games; identifying and developing appropriate skills and strategies; recognizing the importance of rules and how they define the nature of a game; modifying existing games and creating new games; teamwork.
  • Adventure challenges:A variety of tasks requiring the use of physical and critical-thinking skills by individuals and/or groups; challenges that require groups to work together collaboratively in order to solve problems and accomplish a common goal; recognizing the role of the individual in group problem solving.
  • Health-related fitness:Recognizing and appreciating the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; the body’s response to exercise including the interaction of body systems and the development of physical fitness.