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Theory Of Knowledge (TOK)

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Knowing about knowing

Theory of knowledge  is a two semester course designed to expose students to different ways of knowing and into different areas of knowledge. TOK is composed almost entirely of questions that lead students to gain greater awareness of their personal and ideological assumptions, as well as developing an appreciation of the diversity and richness of different perspectives. Basically, TOK asks students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know. TOK aims to make students reflect critically on diverse ways of knowing and to consider the role and nature of knowledge in their own culture, in the cultures of others and in the wider world. TOK also provides coherence for the student, by linking academic subject areas as well as transcending them.

The TOK course is assessed through an oral presentation and written essays. The presentation assesses the ability of the student to apply TOK thinking to a real-life situation.

For more information follow the link to the TOK IB website page.