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History of AIS

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The school opened in 1991 after Kuwait was liberated from occupying Iraqi forces. Dr. Kamil Al Rayes, the founder, sought to create a school of high caliber with a rigorous, yet relaxed atmosphere that would provide opportunities for local and expatriate children to gain access to the world's best universities. During the first year, twenty-five teachers and 300 students dealt with shortages of textbooks and classroom supplies, an inadequate library and a skeleton curriculum. The school developed rapidly. In October of 1994, it became fully accredited and in the ensuing years dedicated professionals worked hard to develop what has become an excellent university preparatory school with 1600 students.

Dr. Kamil Al Rayes passed away in 1995 and on the occasion of his untimely passing his daughter, Mrs. Samera Al Rayes, became the Director. She prepared for the role by obtaining a Masters Degree in education through Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. She and her brothers, Dr. Samer, Col. Zaher and Dr. Badri, act as the governing Board of the school. Each of the four Board Members is involved in the operation of the school with the educational side of the organization being managed by the Superintendent and professional staff. Although the school has grown into a large operation of just over 2000 students and 350 staff, it sustains a very open and friendly atmosphere.

The school relocated from Surra to its present location in Salmiya, Kuwait City in 1995. The campus, sheltered by a brick wall from the wind and weather, has middle and high school buildings that open onto an interior court in the Arabic style and three elementary buildings that surround an open play area. In 2005, the first phase of a new construction plan resulted in the addition of a 1200 seat auditorium, an indoor gymnasium, sheltered outdoor gymnasium, a large roof top soccer pitch and running track, with a number of new classrooms and office spaces being created. In 2012, the second phase of the plan brought a new 3rd floor elementary gymnasium and roof top soccer pitch, new elementary classrooms, and a spacious K12 Learning Commons, a hub of teaching, learning, and support activities. A complete reconstruction of each of the five gates to increase security and enclosing spaces within the school to the end of “greening” the school has been the focus of the 3rd phase of construction which is an ongoing process.